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Marjorie Taylor Greene - terrorist cunt!


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West Maui

In terms of pure theater, the jeers helped Biden come alive.

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billy backstay

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Many thousands of people cast a vote saying, “I want this woman to represent me in the Congress of the United States of America.” Think about that.

If you do not feel a bit of concern and desperation I would love to read your explanation of why not.

I have felt that way since Trump was elected!!! And moreso now that the DOJ is refusing to indict the crooked fucker!!

Go Left

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Marjorie is right. It is the majority.

Like a never-gonna-make-it minor league batter who just can't lay off a slow curve...EmptyGreed had to swing at Biden's set up pitch.

Check McCarthy sitting behind Biden...he saw it coming and had to repress a smile. One professional politician admiring another's skills.


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‘ol sporkfoot is perfectly qualified to screw up a trailer park HOA meeting. A damning indictment of the USA she’s in Congress.

Damn we are a stupid and hateful nation.

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