McCain Campaign Crowds Grow Exponentially


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McCain Campaign Crowds Grow Exponentially

The 'Palin Factor' Bringing Excitement and Bigger Crowds to McCain Events


Sept. 9, 2008

At John McCain's rally in the town of Lee's Summit, Mo., there were more people standing outside than were able to fit inside.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, joined by his wife Cindy McCain and at right is his running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, at a campaign event in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on September 5, 2008.

That kind of crowd just hadn't been seen at McCain's events before last week's Republican convention.

Saturday in Colorado Springs, about 10,000 people waved American flags at McCain's rally in an airport hangar there, and Friday in the town of Cedarburg, Wis., there were more people crowding the main street and the surrounding blocks than the population of the tiny town.

These numbers seemed unfathomable to the campaign just last month.

So what happened?

Two words: Sarah Palin.