Meet Gary Jobson In Seattle - Youth Sailing Fundraiser


Gary Jobson, I put him in the same category as Scot Tempesta, DOUCHE BAG user who will get what they can to further their agenda. Scot should feel in good company.

When Gary was heading USS, i had the opportunity to email chat with him about West Coast Disabled Sailing. I asked for his help, after explaining what I thought was needed, he handed me to one of the members of the "Board of Destructors" I mean "Board of Directors".

I personally felt that our (Disabled Sailing) situtation out here needed Gary's personal help and contacts. Gary would not answer any of my questions directly or with candor. He just washed his hands of it.

I feel completely abandoned and rejected by Gary and USS. Which is why I have not renewed my membership this year, which for me ended in July.
With all respect Dawg, He's done more for sailing than you, me and most here will ever do. Like him or not. Not to mention L&LS. Had he not, you wouldn't know who he is.



I've met him, talked with him, and found him enjoyable. He often donates his fee to charity.

Edit: Comparing him to Tempesta is uncalled for. One has tried to advance the sport and raise money for real charity. The other just leeches off the sport and raises money to buy cars and women. How many fake charity fundraisers has this site hosted again?

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