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random101 said:
well 38 racing should be interesting over the next season one of the top victorian boats has been sold, not sure what challenge is going to do.. the last 38 was 3min behind.. on sunday
Chutzpah sold to Brighton, Challenge will be doing Syd - Hobart then 38 nats in Geelong.



All I know is that Nick Bartels has brought Gomez (the Sydney 47CR), the new Chutzpah apparently will be ready is 6-8 weeks, the new Flirt is on track for November launch (according to Corby's website the hulls have been joined), the Dolly may not make it up North and another Farr 52 (in addition to the Farr 52 already here and Farr 53 on its way) may soon be on its way for a SYC owner.

Is there any truth to the rumour that Mr Coombs has ordered the SYC marina to be dredged for a new boat??

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Spoke with the Shogun boys at Southport and they were, apart from being very pissed, were extremely happy with the boat and it's first major hit out. The bar talk had her doing 28 knots.

Parked for an hour at Coffs which lost them the race on IRC.

Very nice bit of Thailand kit. Even the Quantum sails look the shit.

They managed to beat Quest (TP52) and Brindabella across the line.

Happy chappies indeed.


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