Melges Plows through Optimists while on Port

Check out this Video from the Optimist pre-worlds. Just after 1min in two Melges decide not to bear away a couple of degreese to avoid the fleet, but just plow though the Optimists coming into their mark on Starboard, while the Melges are on Port......

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That could get you on the child abuse register here.

So, there were, what, 10 guys on the melges, none of them engaged brains? It's shaped like a wedge, lets use it like one?

Makes jet skiers look like responsible citizens.


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Then at 3 min. they jibe. So they didn't need to go through there for any reason. Just stupid. I agree with taking away the keys for life.



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Anybody figure out who the first two boats are? I couldn't see the #s. Name names.



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WTF. That is among the worst behavior I have ever seen on a race course, at least by competitors that should know far better. Publicly shaming is the least those idiots should endure, being forced to listen to Bull Gator ala Clockwork Orange is a more suitable punishment.


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Wow motorboaters sail too?
By "Rodney Patrol" I was indeed referring to the clueless motorboaters confused by 3 or 4 different classes of dinghys and Etchells covering the River from side to side sometimes inn early spring and fall. The mark boats will lead them through the fleet, or even block them if they are throwing too big a wake or endangering a sailor.... Similar should have been done to the M32.

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I don't think any of the safetly fleet considered that a couple of fully tooled up Melges would do anthing so stupid! Especially fully powered up down wind!

Looks like the Melges bizzarly decided to gybe arround the Opti reach mark - rather than gybe 3 or 4 boat lenghts earlier.

Very lucky none of the kids got hurt. Hopefully it won't put them off sailing and racing.

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