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Did it ever cross your mind that some people, such as me don't think there is anything at all funny about math.  Miss Kraus ruined me for math in the 3rd grade and I've been a mathophobe ever since.  

Fuck you Miss Kraus.
Innumeracy is a crying shame.  Multiplication and fractions aren't hard if one has a competent teacher. 

My fifth grade teacher, Mrs Dalrymple, had me doing probability problems at a worktable in the back of class to "help" her learn New Math.  As an adult I understood it was so that I would shut up and stop disrupting the normies' instruction.  I did not realize this until my junior or senior year of mechanical engineering at Uni when I took Probability & Statistics.

Another meme you won't find funny.




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Myrtle Beach,
Played over the same amp/speakers, a high bit-rate MP3 cannot be told from any other format by the most discerning ear available. It's all snobbery.
How many MP3 do you know recorded at high enough bit counts (24) and sample rates (48K) to avoid aliasing? 

Digital recording is fine, given the above as examples, and a good CODEC or DA to play it back... 

Take it to PA.

There's a thread there for political pics and memes called A Picture is Worth 1000 Words.

You've used it before. Please use it now and leave this thread for apolitical memes (and users who want to avoid the PA drivel).