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I've tried on many occasions. I thought it was just my slow reading comprehension that caused me to stop about 10 pages in every time. Glad to hear it just sucked!

An old girlfriend gave me a copy of Maugham's The Moon and Sixpence once and asked me to return it when I'd finished. I still have it, it's still unread and I never did learn if reading it would get me laid by her.
Gravity's Rainbow should have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.  It was the unanimous choice of the fiction jury, in no small part because it transcended the genre.  But the prigs on the Pulitzer board found it offensive.  At least the few who read it. So no Prize for Fiction was awarded that year.

Somerset Maugham was an amazing author.  I don't remember much about Moon and Sixpence other than the main character was pretty much an unrepentant dick.   Razor's Edge was a much better read.

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