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Both of them have far more balls that you ever will.

Couldn't decide if this was better suited for the Arsenal, Cleavage or Meme threads...

Usually, it's Boobage Uber Alles, but this time the Meme won.

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I hope he double filters the old diesel while dumping it in. I helped move a boat from Muskegon to Port Huron. In Muskegon, while dumping the old jugs into the tank, it was reported that a clump of biomass made it through the system. No good solution at that point but knowing we had an embolism that could go anytime. Shit the bed about 180nm from PH upwind in about 14kts. A hero on our crew tracked the fuel intake and came up on deck holding two handfuls of green shit. I would have paid for biocide or can/filler filters. All upstream of engine filters. Stupid.