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96" wb, 304 V8.

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you could get that same 304 v8 in a short wheelbase top heavy cj5.
Buddy of mine had one back in the day and it was insane especially with any snow on the road.

Time moves on. Insanity does not.
How about a $40,000 1,000 hp supercharged Mopar Hellephant crate motor in a 2 door Wrangler...

I hear they are selling like hotcakes...

billy backstay

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^^^ Coming soon to a wrecking yard near you. 😉

That's some very pricy Hooning right there!! And not including replacing the spent tires.

Top heavy, short wheelbase, plus 1,000 HP, I have to agree with See Level, that will likely be wrecked before long. That money would have been way better spent on a more modestly powered Jeep, and one or two other toys in the garage, but that's just MHO.....

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two things about George

had a friend from Delaware, in college she was a waitress at a popular club... one evening, with a tray of drinks, there was this guy with his back to her blocking the aisle.. she says she screamed in a loud voice "You Stupid Fuck, Get the FUCK out of my way".. and then George turned around.. she said she realized she just cussed out a Delaware god..

guy I know , local blues guitarist, is now playing guitar for George's band..