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I have a male friend who tells stories like this.

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I have such a hard time with people like that. Not that they are not nice people and deserving of your friendship but I just cannot be that patient. Character flaw of mine. I had several members of my staff that were like that in meetings. I would give them a few minutes of verbal wandering and would stop them and ask them to make their point in a minute or two. That usually worked to get them to focus. At the beginning I’d pull them aside afterwards and tell I really valued their input and didn’t want to be unkind but everyone’s time is valuable and out of respect for each other I intended to help them remain succinct in their contributions. Universally they knew it was their tendency and would work on it. Eventually the other members in the group would help out and I rarely had to. It was a little uncomfortable in the beginning but soon everyone was comfortable at giving and receiving good natured prompts to move it along.


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My wife & I joke that we did something in a past life that makes us magnets for yakky people. The number of people we know and/or continually meet who are unable to get to the point has reached comical proportions.

I had two of them out on my boat for a few hours once - first time they met.

Later both of them said the exact same thing "Boy can that guy talk".

Just for fun, after a truly exceptional session with one of them I worked out that he had spent 8 minutes explaining something to me that could have been said in 10 words. :ROFLMAO:
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