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Israel Hands

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I'm guessing the SJW activist is getting as must action as (insert pronoun here) wants.

All of you losers here on SA like boats... Action? Hmmm... I'm guessing no.

Intuition...some got it...some don't

Ed Lada

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I didn't find that nearly as objectionable as the one above with the amputee.
I found Grumpy's post offensive because it was so sexist, "social justice warrior" is just a meaningless, desperate for an insult phrase coined by RWNJs. Unattractive, unfuckable??? That is a purposely insulting value judgement that is in no way funny.

Years ago Grumpy posted a photo in which he appeared, and unattractive and unfuckable didn't begin to describe his appearance.

In my opinion making statements like he did about a woman he knows nothing about is just willfully ignorant behavior that is indicative of his own insecurities.

Ed Lada

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lighten up, Ed
Lighten up?

Did the Germans tell the US to lighten up after they bombed Pearl Harbor?

Did President Andrew Jackson tell the Cherokee Indians to lighten up during the Trail of Tears?

Did Lyndon Johnson tell Jackie Kennedy to lighten up on the plane trip back from Dallas?

Have you no decency sir????

W dupe jeża! *

*That's Polish for 'Stick it in a hedgehog's ass'.

Black Sox

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Dublin, Ireland
That was pretty offensive too even though the Chicken claims it's all in good fun.

I'm not defending the Chicken but when I was in college I dated a girl with MS that couldn't move from the waist down and was confined to a wheelchair. When I would push her in her chair, sometimes I would jokingly with her that she was just faking it and to get out of the damn chair and walk. She told me she liked that I joked with her and treated like a normal person. She got tired of everybody acting awkward and tiptoeing around her, and not knowing what to say or do about her disability.
I spent some time in the spinal injuries unit of a rehabilitation hospital.

Now they are sick fuckers when it comes to humour.


I worked with a guy who had been in a wheelchair since he was 16 due to a car wreck. After months of rehab his identical twin took his place for the last session. At the end he yelled "Praise Jesus the therapy worked" and stood up and walked. Almost killed the therapist. I once saw him drag himself and his chair up two flights of stairs to go to a party.