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It was just carpentry training.


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It was just carpentry training.

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When I was young and fun, I worked in a cabinet shop. We used a lot of those pneumatic guns that shot 3/16 wide 1-1/8” long staples; none had safetys.

My co-worker once stapled his finger to the workbench and had to pry it free with a claw hammer in order to go to the hospital. Those staples were coated and stuck like a mutha in particleboard, making getting his finger free no trivial task.


We used to shoot bow arrows straight up in the air and dodge them on the way back down 🙃
Yeah I used to do that.

I would have a couple of my buddies stand real close on either side of me and tell them to NEVER take their eye off of the arrow that I would shoot straight up. I said that you might lose sight of the arrow at the very top of its trajectory but just keep looking where they last was it and it would reappear as it turned around at the top of its flight. But the trick was once it was pointed straight at you on the way down it would disappear once again briefly and that is when they would freak and take off running. That is when I would grab each of them by the belt and hold onto them to keep them from running blindly into the path of the falling arrow. I knew that the safest place was where the arrow was launched from just by the odds of a perfect return was nothing. They finally started trusting my logic and staying by my side until an arrow glanced off of a limb in the top of a tall pine tree about 30 yards away and re-directed about 45 degrees right towards us and we all hit the dirt as it flew right over our heads!