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I’m probably a bit younger than y’all, as I bought my first car in 1998, but it was a good ol’ crappy Corolla. Roll down windows, am/fm radio only (no tape deck), no intermittent wipers, but had a stick. Haven’t owned a car since that hasn’t had a manual in it. It is great anti-theft… I leave the keys in it at home and parked at work, and every day it’s still there!
Sounds like mine from 1986. :)

Captain Ketamine

Perth WA
Learned on a 1955 MGTD, same vintage as me.....
Always like the TD. An interesting square rigger with slightly more advanced shock absorbers. I had a mate with an MG TB with supercharger which he used to hoon around a race track with. Lots of fun. My old man learnt to drive on an MG M type which came with spare engine. He was tall so looked liked Noddy in it. It had a gravity feed petrol tank that would leak fuel onto the passenger. Good way to cut down on cigarettes.

Picture below of Noddy for the uninitiated (I’m expecting a lot if cliches from the UK about Enid Blyton)

I would love to muck around in a Bugatti. Meme below the bloke looks very short. I presume it’s the usual way car companies make the car look larger

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