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I remember doing a book report on Douglas Bader in HS. What an amazing drive to do something he was told he could never do and not just flying without legs. Following his accident he was not supposed to live then never be out of a wheel chair and so on all the way to being a wing commander in the RAF. He is one of the truly great men of that generation - and there were many of them.


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He had artificial legs - nothing like they have now but functional.
He loved to play golf, but had a ferocious slice. One day he noticed that if he was playing up-hill the slice disappeared. So he had his left leg shortened an inch so he was always playing from an up-hill lie.

EDIT: He came to talk to the 65 of us at my boarding school when I was 10. We were in absolute awe.

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He had artificial legs - nothing like they have now but functional.
And the reason he was successful in the air, is he had no legs for the blood to run away to in G turns and loops. He wouldn't black out when most of his contemporaries would and remember they didn't have fancy pressure suits back then.


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My dad was b***hing to me and my brother about parking the cars crooked in the garage because he couldn't get to the shelves with his tools etc. (I am now a father and after dealing with three children to adulthood I feel his pain) Anyway my brother and I looked at each other walked up to the rear bumper lifted one of the cars moved it sideways about a foot and placed it back down. The look of anger/respect on my Dad's face is one of my fondest memories. When he said later in life that were complete a**holes in high school this is what he was talking about

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