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Film days:
We used these in the days of film
Fuji Velvia 50 slide for magazines, landscape, tropical colours, saturated sunsets. You love the colours but you know they are punchier than reality
Fuji Provia 100 & 400 slide for more accurate colours, lower light situations
Fuji Astria slide for portraits but didn't use it much
Kodak Portra 400 colour neg for portraits, used it a lot for friend's portraits
Fuji Superia 400 colour neg - snapshots, pocket camera stuff. The stuff you could find in any drugstore or grocery store. Perfectly acceptable for snapshots.
Ilford 3200 B&W for really low light, grainy (we used it for birth photos because delivery room was dark, and B&W doesn't show blood as gruesome on the baby!)

Didn't use Kodak Gold. Didn't like it. Didn't ever use Kodachrome due to processing issues (few places developed it)

It was always a challenge to find a photo lab in Latin America where you could trust your E-6 to. I would watch how they handled negative film on the machine printing to get an idea of how careful they were. If they used old chemicals your rolls would be ruined.


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To be truly "the most American", it would have to include a battery and electric motor (or a petrol motor) so the paramedic only has to push a button, not toil on the hydraulic pump. No offence to paramedics ;)
There's a quick release coupling that you can see on the bottom left of the lifter. I reckon that plugs into a hyd power pack on the fire truck.
Perth WA
As a teenager I asked my folks for a Camera for a birthday present. They gave me a developing tank, paper and chemicalS, said I could borrow a range of cameras, But that I should learn composition, exposure, developing and enlarging. It was an inspired move as I really learnt a lot more about the process.
Much I later, when had enough money for a nice camera (beaut little LX Pentax with interchangeable viewfinders and lenses), I was glad I hadn’t bought something that wasn’t as versatile. Sure you had to learn how to bracket use a light meter and expect to use film. Even had fun with infrared film and astrophotography. But you would think a bit about the image before the shot. Bulk film especially black and white was always useful. The digital age is a little infuriating. It makes you lazy. Though obviously convenient. I dislike spending hours on photoshop. with Terrabytes of storage drives as backup. One good EMP and I suppose it’s gone. We live in the new dark ages with so much stuff stored in an electronic format. That relays on burning fossil fuels to maintain and is precariously poised to be deleted. Archiving is the next issue. Whether to print on metal?
I think the Roaches will be the ones to survive…

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