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A shop will weld on a nut. The heat alone helps to free things up. A better home attempt uses a center punch and left handed drills preferably with some kind of drill guide. It still often ends up needing a helicoil. I’m convinced it takes less force to break a ez out than it did to shear the bolt to begin with = automatic failure.
I have tried EZ Out multiple times.. Never successful. Worst case scenario is it breaks off and jams in the hole, best case is that it breaks off and it's removable with some effort. Shit idea.

Welding on a nut is the way to go. I saw a YouTube on how to make a weld down the hole using some copper pipe to shield the exposed threads and prevent welding everything solid. I have not tried it, but it looked worth a go (first, on something where there are no other options!).

Maybe the right, right approach is to recognize that you're at the torque limit of the bolt before you break it, drill out the center of the bolt while the head is still in place and then fill the hole you just made with weld. You can get a lot of heat right were it's needed. Never tried it, but I may test it next time I get the opportunity.


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Had the flu so I stayed away, but for next year I intend to hit a couple restaurants on Friday afternoons prior to Christmas and slip a gift wrapped boxed dildo onto the Yankee Swap table of some random company party just to watch WTF happens next from the bar...

Bet the eyes going back and forth between participants will be like the end of the The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly..

Yeah, I know I am going to hell, so I might as well have fun now....

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