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It took me five years to forgive him of that abortion of an album Born in the USA, what a lazy bunch of shit.
I think it was the title song that made that album seem like a piece of shit...seemed like blatant pandering to the broader US audience that had finally discovered him. Made him seem like a sellout to those who had liked his music for a decade. But while I never bought the album, I rank Downbound Train as high as most of the tunes on The River.

Started hearing Springsteen songs on local Richmond VA am radio in the early 70s; he was playing clubs in the mid-Atlantic but I was too young to go. Born To Run coincided with a drivers license, so he is part of the soundtrack of my youth.

Speaking of The River, I have a memory from a college summer spent in England, on a street corner one night. A lone little car approachs, breaking the silence with windows open and music blaring. Young male driver pulls up to the stop, singing loudly to the music "Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack!" I laughed, realizing how guys all over the world must be connecting with Springsteen, and at the same time wondering if that kid even knew where Baltimore was.

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I was never a fan of the over hyped Bruce especially when he was promoted, before accomplishing anything, as the next Bobby Zimmerman.
But I do like this one…

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