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My mother was from Italy. She cooked eggplant that like that and may other ways. Allegedly her eggplant parmigiana was to die for. I tried to eat it but I found it revolting.

Some people don't like tattoos. Some people don't like eggplant. It takes all kinds I guess.
Love eggplant, especially parmigiana. I make a really good one. Really good.

I don’t have a tattoo. I came really close one youthful inebriated night on liberty in Hong Kong around 1973. The 6 guys I was with all got one. One of the guys got a propeller on each butt cheek. I sobered up in time and declined. Good thing because I’m not sure that the one I picked out which had a skull with a sword through it emblazoned with “Death Before Dishonor” would have played well later in life. My kids and their spouses all have one. I’m ambivalent about the whole thing.

Ease the sheet.

ignoring stupid people is easy
First of all, tattoos are expensive. In the military, I considered getting tattooed a number of times but always decided that I'd rather have the 4% interest plus the dollar(s) that I did NOT spend on it.

Which would you prefer, kidz? That hundred dollar tattoo or the hundred dollars in your pocket (to either spend on something else or save)?

Which would you rather have in ten years, a blurry embarrassing reminder of past misjudgement, or $148.03?

Of course, part of it is that I had examples of ten and twenty year old tattoos in front of me, every day. And I also had the mental capacity to realize that if I lived, I too would get older and older. Many young people seem to lack both of these.

Look at you combining stories of young people and them thinking about the future...

Ease the sheet.

ignoring stupid people is easy
Do we really need to reignite the tattoo controversy? Again?

Last I checked nobody ever forced anybody to get tattooed since WWII. (Too soon?)

If you don't like tattoos, don't get one! Duh.

I hate fucking eggplant but I don't go on a rant every time I hear about them or see somebody eating that shit.

I'm not sure you have room on your rant list for another thing.

Ease the sheet.

ignoring stupid people is easy
Until you can stop the skin from growing, which seems like a it could be a not-so-great idea, -any- tattoo is going to get blurry. I can easily believe that dyes are better and stay bright longer etc.

And it certainly is true that kids are kids, and tend to not think ahead. However, the sooner they gain this skill the better.

Money- ideally one balances income & expense such that you have an extra $10 to tip the Uber driver who drops you off at the euthanasia center. But the compound interest on savings is extremely powerful and if you plan to live more than a few years, it's worth getting on your side instead of having it rob you every time you turn around. 48% over ten years is 4% per year, AmtSaved*(Years^1+0.04) which is actually a low rate of return.

If you have the self-control to not spend every penny as soon as you bring it in, your income can grow quite a bit... I bought a nice cruising boat with the income from my savings, at a time when my age peers were trying to boost credit rating up enough to buy a new car (via a loan, of course, thus giving that income from their pocket to somebody else).

A far cry from arguing about tattoos. Just goes to show that every possible topic is connected to sailing.

So you're suggesting never get your middrift inked?

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