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Then pass out at the sight of blood...

a friend of mine was a neo-natal nurse at the children's hospital... Troy Aikman, then the hotshot qb for da' boys... came through the neo-natal ward as part of a tour just as my friend was putting an iv needle into a newborn.. well since their arms are so tiny, the nurses will go for a vein in the head.. Aikman saw this and fainted on the spot..


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When I was a brewer we had small stickers that we’d paste over urinals in bars that said “Flush twice, it’s a long way to Budweiser”.
Back in the early 1970s, I got request to see the principal in high school because of my "Flush Twice" campaign.

Our cafeteria food was awful and we were getting tired of it. So some of us got together to see if we could change things. THis was the early 1970s after all. We called it the Brown Bag it for Better Food and organized a boycott of the cafeteria. To suppot thecampaign I made a stencil tha tsaid "Flush twice, it's a long way to the cafeteria". I spray painted a bunch of 6"x16" signs and we put them up in all of the school restrooms. The manager of the cafeteria wasn't happy about it. The pricipal wasn't happy about it. I cited my 1st Amendment right to free speech. We got a meeting with the cateria manager and they did make a few cahnges. Including a line where you could buy snacks and various soft drinks if you didn't want to spend $.45 on a hot lunch. So I got hired to help pass out the goodies and I worked 2 lunch periods and got a free hot lunch in between. So it worked out okay. All of the cafeteria ladies (except the manager) liked me and fed me all I wanted.

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just curious, what are good beers down there?
“Chacun son gout”….. to each his own tastes
depends on what you like. Depends on your mood, the weather, if you’re eating what food…. Usual stuff… we have some nice beers through out OZ. Not just the crap that comes out of large multinational owned breweries.
When Australia was colonised there were hundreds of little breweries. Many would have copied English styles of ales. But that evolved. When I was young The brewery numbers had contracted and were owned by just a few companies. The main styles were lagers. I’m not sure how that came about, but it was pretty boring. I could go from Esperance in the South to Wyndham in the north 1000 miles or so apart and exactly the same beer was served at a ridiculously cold temperature. I like a cold beer, but the colder it is the less flavours you can taste. Fine if you’re a teen that only wants to get drunk.
I inherited my grandfather brewing equipment at age 12 and became very interested in brewing all sorts of stuff.
In the 80’s many people who had traveled around the UK and Europe were encouraged by real ale campaigns to move away from large multinational breweries producing the same insipid stuff.
They started up small independent breweries which produced English Bitter styles, IPA, Stout, pale ales and lagers. with English and European specialty brewery influences. It caught on. And these more successful breweries were then swallowed up by the larger group. However the interest in variety blossomed.
i understand that something similar happened in the US. its Interesting to see how popular pale ales of varying influences have become popular.
now we have a ridiculous number of little breweries. Always lots of styles that are put forward. I think it’s great though they don’t have a long half life.
what do I like? Depends on how hot it is if I’ve been working hard, if I don’t want to get too drunk too quickly.
I prefer hoppy flavours. But will try anything once.

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