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i still have the orig greatest hits, from when i was a kid in
my closet.. kid read em all as well.

I know it's not Bill Watterson, and it was 12 years ago (How the heck did I miss it?), but it fortends hope. In that strip, with Calvin and Suzie together, doing well, with a kid who receives the iconic Hobbes, I feel the torch being passed to a new generation, as the old successfully comes into its own.

All hail the new Bacon and Hobbes!

We can dream.
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"...To start messing around with this alt-universe ChatGPT, you're going to need a few '80s essentials: a "very fast" PC (preferably an Intel 286), a minimum of 640KB RAM, a modem for those speedy dial-up connections, a 20MB hard disk drive (considered massive at that time), and the indispensable installation diskettes. Once you've wrestled with the comically tiresome installation process, you can finally engage this alt-ChatGPT with hard-hitting questions that truly test the limits of 1980s AI..."

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Ah...........the cyclist drama. Its cyclic here...........(get it?)

I used to ride quite a bit when I was running tri's....long ago. Commuted about 35-40 miles on my bike, some of it on roadways/streets and some through state parks etc. I enjoyed the rides especially those early in the morning as the sun was coming up along the coast. Van Halen in the headphones, a great spin rate and a nice sweat. However after a few years and several close encounters, I stopped on the roads. Nowadays I see cyclists riding foolishly quite often and think.............organ donor.

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