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in a watershed south of dallas there were eagles that were nesting in the high powerline towers... fearful of them injuring themselves and not not destroying their nest, the people with authority ended up building an inert replica tower about a 1/2 mile away from the lines and moved the nest to it hoping the eagles would take to it... and they did... if you go to the visitors center there's a permanent telescope trained on the nest so you can see them.. pretty cool


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i wouldthink the "no motorized vehicles" posted on most paths would pertain to E-bikes, but doesn't seem to pertain to the cops in the gas powered 4-wheeler at our lake.. it's the cyclists that blow through the stop signs that are the biggest issue, especially at one 3 way stop.. if I'm turning and they blow through the stop sign , I'm not hitting the brakes to let you through...
Around here E-Bikes are held to bicycle laws.

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As justified as you may be... is it really worth the paperwork and hassle factor of some altercation?

Being right isn't always the answer.

I let them do their "thing" and occasionally honk. But I do sort of push the issue as long as I'm not going to run someone over.

So I agree with you in principle, not in practice.
yup, honk, and they turn around and give you the finger.. you know, it's their road... it's a very busy intersection with walkers and runners too.. they should at least slow down to a reasonable speed

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Roadway etiquette
The headphone pedestrian crossing against the walk signal not realizing cars turning across the stopped cars, especially at large volume intersections.
Grocery store type parking lots, wave the car through and walk behind the car rather than just walking in front slowing everyone up .
And the folks that walk into the double doors of a store and then stop wondering like a cow which way to go.

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