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Hi all,

I just got this in my email, and thought that was too small an audience.



Greetings all.

Just fielded a call from one Steve Perry on behalf of the organizers of the Miami Nassau Race.

Steve advises that this race is offering a DH class for the 180 odd miles race across the stream to Nassau, starting 11 November 2020.

Further if 5 Mini’s sign up they can start in their own OD class, DH.

So, US Ministias, just how FAST will a Mini go in the stream in 25 knots of northerly with the keel to wx and all the gear stacked to port?

Who is up to find out?

Website here:

NOR here:

Any questions, contact Steve at is email from the CC field in this email.

Once again please excuse the double emails, if you get them. Many of you are on a couple of lists I keep….



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I have sailed that course several times in the old SORC days. I would love to partisapate on a mini! Anyone interested in racing w/ thier mini, I would like to discuss crewing w/ you in this any any other DH mini races coming up on the horizon. If your boat needs storage before or after the race I have storage space availalbe.



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I won't be able to afford getting my boat there, but I'd definitely double hand with someone if any of you are looking!


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