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Are you in the Great Lakes area, and want to do more Catamaran Racing? Check out the remaining events hosted by CRAM!

We, CRAM (Catamaran Racing Association of Michigan) have had 2 events so far this year, with fantastic results. First was Mother's Day Weekend (reschedule due to some conflicts). About 15 catamarans showed up to sail from our host site of Crescent Sail Yacht Club: 5 A-Cats, 5 F18's, 3 F17's and 2 F16's... the forecast was poor, but the wind showed up to push us around the waters of Lake St Clair near the shores of Grosse Pointe, MI, just a few miles from Detroit... 5 races were sailed on Sat, and another 3 on Sunday: what a great way to spend the weekend!

Just this past weekend, our host was the North Cape Yacht Club just north of the Ohio border in the very SE corner of Michigan, located on Lake Erie. Again the forecast was not great- disappointing after so much wind we've had in the past month. But, AGAIN, the wind filled in, and sailors were rewarded! 18 A-Cats showed up for a 3 day event, traveling in from IL, WI and even TX and NJ bringing All varieties of A-Cats from DNA, EVO, LR3/4, Flyer, Marstrom, A2/3, etc. Friday was A-Cats only and 5 races were completed on Friday afternoon, followed by complimentary burgers and ice-cold beers waiting on shore for dinner! The rest of the club began to trickle in Friday, and 8 F18's, 2 F16's, and 3 F16's rounded out the mix to make a total of 31 catamarans ready for whatever Saturday's weather could muster... it started light: only 3-4 knots at 10:30, just 30 mins prior to the scheduled 11am warning signal, but it was building and there was 5-6 kts by 11:30, and racing was underway. It filled to about 10 over the day, and another continuous 5 races were completed. The story continues on Sun: sailors were eager, and racing began as scheduled at 10:30 warning... again light, but a big shift during race 2, and it steadied to 10-12 for race 3. There you go: 13 races for the A-Cats, and 8 for the rest on Sat and Sun.

All catamarans welcome at CRAM events- always room in the Portsmouth fleet for your Hobie Cat, Nacra 5._, etc...!

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