Might want to get that insurance in place...now


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With just 46 days until the Atlantic and Caribbean/ GOM hurricane season begins, now would be the time to start the process of getting your insurance in place. Most policies take 30 days to kick in.  The water in the Gulf of Mexico and the ramp through the Florida Straits are all significantly warmer than normal. (See Atlantic ANOM below). This doesn't mean that the hurricane season will begin earlier than normal or that it will be more intense than normal but the fuel is there if disturbances begin making earlier than normal calls in this region.

On a logistical note, If you are being sequestered on one of the islands in the Caribbean and not being allowed to leave, what would be the plan if the tropics get active and your insurance excludes certain latitudes after June 1 (Official Start to Atlantic/Car/GOM Hurricane season? Just trying to think ahead....Thoughts?

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Yes and its warming up more as we speak. Many boats decided to stay in south Florida while the virus runs its course. As you pointed out their insurance requires them north of Morehead City by June 1 or sooner. Lots of luck getting that coverage changed. 



I asked my insurance for a premium discount yesterday, since I'm not permitted to use the boat. They said they are thinking about it...



We have a boat stuck in Nassau, Bahamas.  It is in water in a canal behind a private home.  Took some negotiating, but insurance was extended for boat afloat during hurricane season.  Our normal named storm deductible is 10%.  Being as we are afloat now, deductible is raised to 20%.