MOB Report - Tethers, Thigh Straps and Crew Delegation

Ocean View

Report on an unfortunate incidence at sea in West Sussex UK channel race.

Offshore race in 30+ knots and the events leading up to the incident.

Hopefully by reading this we can all help reduce the chance of a repeat incidence.


Royal Ocean Racing Club is recommended to:

2012/104 Promulgate the following safety issues to their respective memberships and to the offshore racing community:

The importance of nominating a person to take over from the skipper in the event of his/her incapacitation.

The use of long and short tethers/safety lines, as appropriate, to prevent a man overboard situation.

Procedures in dealing with, and the difficulties associated with recovering a conscious and unconscious man overboard while tethered to the vessel.

Marine Accident Investigation Branch

March 2012