Mobile wind sculptures


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They're incredible!!!  I love functional moving sculptures. This guy is brilliant, very Davinci like with engineering, powered by the earth, art forms...just amazing.

PS- looks to me to be made mainly of wood and canvas (yes some zip ties). I'd much rather see some of his art floating around the marina than the usual plastic Starbucks cups, straws, water bottles and occasional condom.



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They are super-cool. It's pvc pipe, not wood. I'm guessing at this point they are too valuable to be left anywhere.

Sculpture Riot

As many as 10,000 people turned out to Crane Beach this weekend for Strandbeest, a wind-powered kinetic art exhibit brought to the region by Peabody Essex Museum.

Parking was already overflowing an hour before the event began, and traffic backed up into three surrounding communities as a result of the public display, according to Peter Pinciaro, general manager of Crane Beach.