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Bull City

Bull City
North Carolina
I was very taken with this view of the commend center of the 85-foot Fred Finney creation. I could picture myself bounding across the ocean blue, with salt spray in my hair, and a pipe clenched between my teeth.

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 4.28.56 PM.png

Then I started wondering who is this fucking Fred Finney? Now you can find out too.

FFF is in Idaho and builds these monstrosities vessels. Here is the 100-footer he built for hisself. How would you rate the row away factor?

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 4.38.09 PM.png

And here is hisself in the salon or, more properly, the saloon.

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 4.37.25 PM.png


Steam Flyer

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"The lowest level of the yacht was completely underwater"

Isn't that how boats typically work?
Pretty sure that's how boats typically don't work.
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Can you see the "lowest level" of these yachts?

I would suggest that you cannot, because they are -under- the level of the water.

Terminology matters.

[edit] That came out sounding too harsh, just a matter of words


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There are a few people trying on inflated asking prices like that but the boats also seem to sit.
The funny thing is that my partner had forwarded me a different one on FB marketplace a few hours prior, for $35,000 and I was like "Lol no, you couldn't give these things away not that long ago, this is out to lunch".  I was about to post that one here, but then I saw this one. :huh:



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I know a few long time Anarchists owned a Fortune in a previous life. This is where the market is now, $50k. The mind truly boggles, I know these were struggling to move for $15k barely a decade ago…

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There are a few people trying on inflated asking prices like that but the boats also seem to sit.
It's almost as if Canadians have no disposable income, but yet sell things as if their shit doesn't stink at inflated prices.

$20k Canuck bucks.



This hand crafted one of a kind beauty was hand built in the hub of the Muskoka Lakes in the town of Port Carling. It took 5 years for this craftsmen to build it. Every attention to detail is in this beauty. 2 motors and original cotton sails. Runs amazing and ready to sail the seas. Sleeps 2 and sails smoothly. It’s a must see as there is only one of these in the world.
Although not stated in the ad, the trailer is $2.5k extra.

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