Mocking Ads on Craigslist


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I've had my fun building these, and it's time someone else builds their dream boat for cheap. I had a bunch of these and sold them for $300 each. Great small business!!!



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WTF is this thing? For all I know it's some hot rod.





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she ain't pretty but it's kinda cool. woud've liked to see details of the retractable out board setup


She ain't pretty (she just looks that way)



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Whatever happened to “if she looks right, she be right?”

Someone went to a lot of trouble to make something that never should have been made.
It's hard to say without more information. You have to know what the hypothesis was. "False" is a perfectly valid answer, as long as it wasn't blindingly obvious to begin with.

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Little help with that? Obviously google isn't going to work on that search.
Add Jerry Milgram to the search parameters.

Not sure how many pics of Cascade are on the wwweb; remember this was long before ubiquitous cameras. If you add "SORC" to the search, or "IOR" that will also help. I see about 6 photos of her total, 2 of which are referred to other threads here in SA
This one made me actually laugh out loud. That being said (safely from the deck of my fiberglass boat) I'd be interested in seeing a ferrocement boat that isn't sinking if there are any around. Curious material!
Yer in luck!

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This guy is pissed at the world, read through the comments.

I enjoyed the rant about the fantastic electric propulsion system, with outboard back-up... then saying "I can sail, thank you."

Well, which is it? I strongly suspect this person would agree that stupidity is supposed to be painful, but would be offended at the suggestion that it applies to them personally.
This guy is pissed at the world, read through the comments.

This boat is 50 years old and beyond the age limit accepted by most U.S. marinas, hence my parking it in Ensenada. I was rejected by four marinas in San Diego so do your research

I understood it was getting very hard to insure golden age boats, but not that Marinas were outright refusing them a slip due to an “age limit” - rather than the years-long waiting lists. Seems suspect.

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