momma says daddy can buy a chain saw


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In my life I think I've owned a big variety of saws, several Poulans that were fine until I used them on jobs, they were worth what I paid. I have a Husqvarna Rancher 455 with 20" bar that will cut about anything, at that time was half the cost of the Stihl (which like all tools if you need it a lot it's worth that). With that said I haven't used the cs in a couple of years - I plug in my knock off Sawzall and have blades from 6 to 12" and cut everything and don't worry about dirt/sand as the blades are really cheap. It even took out the really old Sago palm that died and I just kept cutting all the roots until it gave up.

I have a number of gas tools from chopsaw, pumps, generators, lawn mower/weed whacker etc and am looking forward to a gas free future.
Might want to keep that generator gas-powered...;)

But same here. The key is to get everything taking the same batteries. Get a new battery with every purchase and with a half dozen charged you're going to run out juice before your tools do.


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You don't need chaps or a hard hat. A pair of safety glasses and ear muffs are fine. The 180 might be a bit small for those trees. I'd go with a MS 261 0r whatever the newest letter/number equivelant is (They keep on changing the numbers)
Don't buy it at a big box store. Get it from a dealer. Big box store Stihl saws look the same, but are not.
I strongly recommend that what ever saw you get has the decompression button.
Do not but "safety chains". Only buy chisel tooth professional chains. File your rakers down every other time you sharpen the teeth. Keep your lube oil topped up, and run your fuel tank dry when you're done for the day.

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That's why I pay someone else with insurance to cut down anything bigger than a sapling down these days. If it's on the ground, OK, I'll cut it up.

I bought a battery Makita chainsaw. Bit gutless but these days it serves most of my simple needs and I have a bigger Husky & Stihl for serious firewood cutting.

On bad fuel, first if you don't use ethanol contaminated fuel it isn't an issue, second if you run the saw dry it isn't an issue.

I don't think there's anything really to choose between a Husky and a Stihl. IME both are good saws.



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Nobody plugging a plug in? it will still work 20 years from now, and every time you want it. If you’re near the grid and using 16”, it is far more reliable year after year. Obviously this isn’t true if you live in hurricane land and have to deal with the collapse of infrastructure every year or two.


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I'd go with an EGO Electric saw for small stuff like fallen branches. I'm tired of tinkering with clogged carbs on little motors.

If you do go with a Stihl gas saw, buy MotoMix gas. No ethanol; already mixed with their oil.
Have the EGO, done 20" trees with it. Great beast.


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Picked this Stihl up recently very happy with it’s performance.
Like both the chain tensioner and the assisted pull start as my wrists aren’t what they used to be.
Plenty grunty knocked over and minced up 38 willows easy as.



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You can cut plenty big enough with the 180, Buy a 10 pack of filters while you're at the shop.
Stihl filters are rubbish - change them often


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I’ll plug the Game of Logging or similar hands-on courses. I attended a two day course several years ago. Highly recommended. You don’t know what you don’t know.


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I like Stihl for their larger saws. At work we generally had several 032s and O34s on rigs. I have several Stihls at home the 034, 038 & 041.

For small gas at work we generally use the Echo 25 and the 50cc. At home we have several small McCullough chainsaws, and my wife wanted something electric battery powered - she was going to get the DeWalt,(to match all her other battery powered DeWalt tools) - till I looked at the reviews on the Echo 58V battery powered chainsaw, which uses two nuts and studs to secure the bar.

Talked about this last year here on the tools thread. I bought a 58V Echo last year from Arlington Power Equipment Inc, who had the best price including the batttery by about a $100 - located in Arlington Heights Chicago, shipping to the PNW - Olympic Peninsula was quick and had the saw in two and a half days.

Arlington Power Equip - Chain Saws and poll saws

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