money wins!


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I love money. I love everything about it. I bought some pretty good stuff. Got me a $300 pair of socks. Got a fur sink. An electric dog polisher. A gasoline powered turtleneck sweater. And, of course, I bought some dumb stuff, too.

Typical thinking of a Leftist!!!!

That is so funny to hear from someone that used to make a living in sailmaking.

So should we be like Pee Wee football or baseball and remove scoring, everyone should just get a participation award and not have winners or losers?

Someone must be a have not and is a bit jealous of someone that has a lot!!!



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The kid and his dad's programme pretty cheap compared to grandad/dad and his Kialoas.

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Gotta agree with Ed on some levels,

but then, hey, exciting that there are more jobs for pros and they're sharing their skills (by kicking some butts)

at least two sides to every story



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The Melges 20 has been a rich man's game from jump. Sorry that the Kilroy's overdid it in a rich man's game.

By the way, you are a leftist, whining, little mama's boy.



There are some really awesome sailors on that boat. I say congratulations to a guy with some extra money whom enables others to pursue their passions, and make a decent living while doing it. I also say congrats to a team that worked hard to be where they are!



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NEWPORT, RI–Some rich guy came in first Monday in that big, famous yacht race held every year at the Newport Yacht Club, a big, fancy yacht place with "a whole lot of really expensive-looking boats and shit," sources reported.

"There were a whole bunch of boats out there on the water, with all these rich guys running around on them, moving ropes from here to there and switching sails around to, you know, try to make the boats go faster, I guess," said 61-year-old Newport-area dockworker Bill Duigan, who witnessed the rich guy's stunning 11th-hour victory from more than three miles away while hosing bird shit off a pier. "I couldn't see what was going on too well, on account of they were way the hell out there on the water, but from where I stood, I guess I'd have to say it looked like that one with the blue sails was movin' at a pretty good clip. I heard he was the one that won."

Duigan was then yelled at to quit talking and get back to work.

The victory marks the approximately 87,000th consecutive yacht race to be won by a rich guy since competitive yachting began, oh, probably a hell of a long time ago, sources figured.



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yes, rich guy wins. but isn't it time to start to have transparency about how much is really being spent?
Sure. You can start. Explain stuff like where the money for the SA AC challenge went. Then start posting up all the free stuff / price reduced stuff (including boats) you've been given for pimping it. Then tell us how much you get for whoring out to companies and posting glowing BS about their products. Then explain how money wins when you get new boats and sails then beat up on the local FT-10 fleet. Cause transparency is good.

Go ahead.


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Sehr interesant... The Ed gripes that money made talent a moot point in a race that is ostensibly about sailing ability and a chorus howls "communist," having missed the first point entirely.

Chorus, your 1%-ness is showing.



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One or two competitors outspending the rest kills classes. It's happened many times before. What's curious is that, if I've got my history right, Kilroy has been at the other end of that shitty stick. Maybe he doesn't remember. Maybe he doesn't care. Owners who want to buy half a dozen pros are what 40 footers were invented for. Whatever. I won't lose sleep if the Melges 20 class self-destructs.

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Its very rare to get all three right , boat ,crew, good owner, money alone does not win races and never will. Ed stop being a twat and enjoy the sport. :D



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This is and has always been a money driven sport. You cannot cry when the biggest cheque book wins.

If you want a bit of perspective try and hang out at your local go-kart track and watch the piles of $$$ spent on little johnnies speeding around the race track. That makes our sport look like a bunch of amateurs when it comes to spending. I have personally seen $15000+ spent on a 3 day race meet for a 12 year old kid to win a state title, not national not world just a Queensland state title.

just another yachting event in the world where the playing field is no longer level........where this fucking ridiculous idea that yachting is a media sport is promoted.......and self obsessed individuals try to grab headlines. The organisations designed to protect our sport and level that field so it appeals to the participating masses sit back and watch it happen and so the participating masses dwindle in front of our very eyes !!!! a limited number of competitors want to spend more time in front of the camera than in their boats as if they are famous on the world stage in a sport where the only spectators who know what the hell is going on are the ones who do it !!!! its laughable....