Moore 30 for Sale in Portland, ME


We have never been scared. Even when reaching at 15+ KTs
as of yet the boat has never been out of control
...and...there's a first (and last) time for everything...but don't worry! Be happy! Cuz:



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iiuc - moore 30 as death trap is urban myth. a modified moore 30 did turn turtle in santa cruz. but it was modified (to the horror of the naval architect).


Speaking of big skiffs: In the late '90s there was a Santa Cruz-based big open skiff --- on the order of 40 ft as I recall --- that supposedly sunk once near the harbor and once capsized in front of us racing from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Can't for the life of me think of it's name but would love to learn more about it. Do any of you guys recall?
You are thinking of the Schumacher 44 Eclipse, built by Larry Tuttle in Santa Cruz, originally had trapeze wires on it, but after too many yard sales with the crew they put skiff style racks on it. Yes, it sunk a couple of time and capsized/ swamped many times, but it was really quick. End for end gybes with a long pole, good times..... We still have the South Tower race record on the Eclipse of 21 hours-ish!


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Speaking of boats with wings, here's our Greg Elliott designed Excita 10m built in Auckland NZ and launched here in Melbourne way back in 1988, 34 years ago. I once heard it described as "More fun than two f##ks at once" and indeed it was. This pic was taken on her maiden sail in July 1988.

Sportscar 4 First Sail 2.JPG


The second image was taken by Andrea Francolini 18 years later, in 2006, just before we sold her.
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