More trouble for the Orange Jesus

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With Trump's extensive sketchy history outside of politics...

Why would you support him so steadfastly?

You don't get it; he's like their "Messiah", and can do no wrong.

Couple of things. They are born peasants and they have a psychological need for a cruel overlord, whom they fearfully worship and adore. Another is that in Trump, they see a proud owner of maximum libs.

billy backstay

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Weird, and inconsequential question - why does every post by you include an extra period? Is it part of your signature?

I truly am not busting your balls. I just see stuff like that and it has me puzzled.

Before I added the extra period, my sig lines were too close, it's just a stupid aesthetic thing. I am particular about certain things like that, and some might consider such behavior "odd", including my wife! :giggle: