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Maybe we at SA should have a discussion about how we can best do just that.He seemed very open to proposals and ideas
Once it's run it's course in the theaters and is out on DVD, buy a few copies and donate them to your local schools. Teachers show movies all the time--get them to show this one. I bet 20 years from now more than a few offshore racers will be able to credit watching this movie with getting him or her into the sport.....



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I'll have to look into it.
One of my favorite so called reality shows is "No Reservations on the Food Channel. Bourdain goes to some of the most out of the way places and there is food too. Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmeran is pretty out of the way too.
Yes, yes yes. I love Bourdain. Have you read any of his books? He's changed the way I like to travel and eat.

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kid walks up to the theater wearing sailing gear tugging his opti on a dolly - people are like what are you doing? Shoot man I sailed over here to watch the movie - where can I park this thing?
If the local theater were to run the movie I would rig my 2.4mR's in the lobby (if the wanted). How cool would that be?

Yes, yes yes. I love Bourdain. Have you read any of his books? He's changed the way I like to travel and eat.
Haven't read his books but love his shows. Even the reruns of "A Cooks Tour".

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Reading the comments about the Yacht clubs etc promoting the movie. Had a moment where I envisioned kids in sailing gear setting up and rigging sailboats out infront of movie theaters with lots of very puzzled movie goers walking by. Guessing the theaters might be just as puzzled too. Ha ha- no doubt it would create a bit of a sensation thats for sure.
I can see the local news channels picking up stories "Local Theaters boarded and taken over by sailors" and shots of sailing kids running around with sailing gear on random sailboats set up on the front entry at the theater and adults walking by wearing sailing gear. Would be interesting to organize one of those "random interweb instances where a group of people gather at a place and do something odd" In this case invade a movie theater wearing sailing gear.

been done....when the movie Wild Hogs came out every leather clad fashion lemming with leather chaps and doo rags showed up to see a village people reunion mated with a fat camp for bondage lovers.... please, dont.

all we need is a flock of red crested khaki birds to show up and permanently scar our sport forever.... I'm sportin my sailing helmet, cause i'm cool, but i'd advise others to just come as you are.



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Bourdain is ok in print, and dead sober, and when he's in the company of people he considers to be his peers. He's not so ok in person in public (at a dinner in SF actually) when he's had too much to drink.



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Trailer looks cool! Hey, it's a feature-length movie about yacht racing. Who cares who's yacht it is because we don't get 10 yachting movies every year (unlike the oceans of dross that shit out in cinema's all over the world every year - body-count and sappy tear-jerkers - uGH!).

I'd watch it but the odds of that flik coming to Singapore are ... uhm.. zero.

Somebody needs to rip and upload it for me when the DVD shoots out the back end!



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I guess I am just wondering why people always seem to look for what's wrong with a movie/ person/ web site instead of looking at what's right with it?
No shit- I'm not even bothering to read the rest of this thread.

People bitch and moan that sailing is marginalised and made to look elitist and here we have a project which is hitting the big screens and will add a bit of 'Joe Public' to our sport and the bitching and moaning continues.

Who gives a fuck what was used to follow them, why should it matter? Who cares if Kid A sailed Lasers for 4 years before he was chosen?

Whining fucking douchebags.



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I hope they get the dinghy -> big boat connection into the movie - it will promote the sport well and get more younger people to start sailing. The movie is great in general for the sport we love.




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I hope they get the dinghy -> big boat connection into the movie.........
Unfortunately, most folk think of this when they hear the word dinghy:



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