Most egregious cheats?

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I read about a guy who built a composite home built air plane in his basement and at some point realized he had no way to get it out.   Not sure what he was thinking.

There was a guy, years ago, who similarly built a plane in his small homes basement, on an island in the CT River, opposite the mouth of Hamburg Cove, where a friends beautiful boat sank, not long ago. I don't think he got is out, without removing some parts.   The island is still a registered air field for float planes, so long as the present and future owners maintain the orange wind sock, on a piling.  When we lived on the water nearby, we would sometimes see pilots with instructors, doing touch and go's on the river, as they were schooling for their float plane rating....

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I think the actual rule is motor out of gear at prep.  Motor can be run at any time for charging batteries.  
Not unless 42.3 (PROPULSION Exceptions) has been expressly modified to include this exception.



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