Most egregious cheats?

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I am surprised nobody has mentioned the Beneteau with the deliberately cheating prop at Big Boat Series. For those who say yacht clubs ignore these violations I am happy to say that the St.FYC unceremoniously threw them out.


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Well if you wanna get nit-picky, the original poster never said anything about water, they called it a "gas tank", and gasoline would weigh about 330 pounds, a drum weighs about 40 pounds, so I'll go as high as 380 total if fuel.  If it was water, then your 500 estimate sounds reasonable.

Bottom line is the K25 crew musta been higher than either of those to get blown by a Shark doing whitesails...
you might be crazy enough to carry 50 gals of gas in a swinging drum,  besides back then , water was cheaper & heavier, toss a pint of gas after fill up to claim a "gas tank"



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There was the blue swan 60 OD that conveniently used to fill the park avenue boom with water when it was time to weigh in. Claiming it must have gotten in through rain water when it started to spill out! Also kept the facade of an interior with nothing behind the face plates on any appliance. 



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The only solution is to name and shame.

But if we are not willing to even do that on an anonymous internet forum, there’s no chance of calling them to account in person. And it’s demoralizing the honest sailors.
Oh yes, we hoisted the protest flag concerning the oversized spinnaker & they were booted from the regatta.  Heard rumors concerning the no prop situation during a season high point series & complained,  magically the owner had a prop on the very next race.  Still won the championship.  Concerning the oversize main and genoa issues his mea culpa was they came with the boat when he bought it, had no idea they were oversized and begged for forgiveness so the RC banned his oversize sails (got a three month ban); same with the missing cabinetry, that's the way he bought the boat, and hit him for 3sec/mile for an altered interior.

It was a five year battle with a lot of face to face interaction but the strange thing is he was an apologetic pussy during every confrontation and his line was "I didn't know I was cheating, really, aren't we here to have some fun racing, why are you targeting me my friend?"  Um, I'd point out quit cheating concerning equipment and let's race on the water instead of in the shed. And, as a PHRF Rating Committee Board member he knew full well he was cheating so was 'dissing me  to my face.  A sad situation.

If a boat is obviously out of configuration but is a tail end Charlie it'll let it slide for the sake of inflated participation numbers, but if you're a contender you'd better adhere to your cert or I (and other fleet contenders) will call you on it upon discovery.  I've protested before the start concerning missing limit bands and sure enough when measured the main is 4-12" oversized. Same with ridiculously slack lifelines.  Sorry, it's nothing personal, just want a level playing field.  This sport involves hundreds of thousands of dollars if you're  seriously wanting to win, even in PHRF, and is to an extent self policed; do your job as a competitor if you see others bending the equipment rules.

That is all.



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@axolotl , well said and I wish more people would grow a pair and either protest or address the issue . We had one boat sail an entire race two downwind legs with a guy well outside the lifelines the whole leg holding out the headsail like a human pole.  I mentioned post race , guys you cant do that. His crew says yeah we told the skipper that was illegal and he said its fine. I said to skipper if you hand me your rule book i'll show you the page, no book onboard, no smartphone to access either. They said sorry but didnt withdraw from the race, two weeks later asked for redress when they went to a MOB situation, guy was already rescued but they wanted redress to move them up a position so they could finish higher in a series. 

No wonder people walk away from club fleet racing 


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The human pole situation is one thing. That is clearly cheating and a rule 2 violation as well if you can clearly establish that the cheating was done knowingly.

Asking for redress when assisting in a MOB situation is something entirely different.  That is rule 1. Redress is freely given because the sport wants to encourage this behavior. 


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Most egregious cheat? PIL66.

No man can remain that good looking for that long without help. But I’m buggered if I know how he does it???



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Most egregious cheat? PIL66.

No man can remain that good looking for that long without help. But I’m buggered if I know how he does it???
Richos hair stylist??



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If the engine was off before the start what was the problem?

What is someone arrived late and had to motor out to make the start?
uuuuh, motor has to be off as soon as the prep is up, at that point youre 'racing'. if he only turned it off at the start, he was cheating for 5 minutes.



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Its not cheating if you change the rules to allow it:
Damn strait its not,

Soccer no picking up the ball and running with it...... Rubgy pick it up and run, but don't pass it forwards.... American football throw it forwards but only once per play and only from behind the line of scrimmage then run with it.....  ,

Change the rules and you change the game, not necessarily worse or better but certainly different.