Most egregious cheats?

Serge A. Storms

Oh come on now, WTF, if your weren't pushing the window for IOR measuring you weren't there.  That was how the game was played on the Grand Prix circuit.  Loved when Blackaller came back after the Crude incident with the boat re-named Mea Culpa.
Can you tell me what happened with Louisiana Crude?  I got to sail on her once, always thought she was a cool boat-  would love to hear the story-




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late 70's, WLIS, I think the Vineyard or round BIock Island race. Naval Academy boat was there (donated boat with a very spongy deck). We were convinced they turned off their running lights when they tacked... They would disappear and then re-appear a few minutes later!?

I remember a drifter overnighter (Stratford Shoals Race...?) 3 am-ish, everybody was drifting really close to the turning mark. Mind games ensued, spinning winches, fake yelling, throwing nuts and bolts at the other boat's mainsail...



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Cristoforo said:
I don’t recall what happened there. Even if it ‘fell off’ accidentally, they were still sailing out of compliance with their certificate.  Nothing was done ? 
Race committee chair. Long family history with race. Short family history with propellers. Couldn't keep the damn  things attached.



Hmmm.....back in the day, the personal boats of local builder of a very popular international keelboat class were highly sought after for being blindingly we eventually managed to get hold of one and paid a premium for it. The intention was to take it to the worlds in canada...a big exercise from where we live (melb - Oz). In doing the boat prep for the event, everything was checked...and so some anomalies began to the fact that the rudder was incredibly light (turned out to be glass over timber with even the "moulding lines and "stamp" in the fibreglass to make it look authentic) and that the layup of the cockpit was very thin with plastic hinges on the cockpit hatches...that there was a stainless steel water tank that when removed revealed a solid 1 inch thick base....and so it went on.

Decisions had to be made, so after a "chat" with the builder, an agreement was reached and a brand new replacement boat delivered for our campaign. The questionable boat was returned to the builder and never seen again.....
A J25 perhaps ?



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Many moons ago, wasn't there a J 24 kerfuffle about the core of a sliding hatch? Some big name Rock Stars boat?

What was the outcome?
not sliding, just the hatch.  the original kept breaking so a home brewed repair was accomplished - it wasn't lighter, just stronger.  dinghy science applied

my favorite j24 scene was the first midwinters at key west (78 or 79?), first gathering of boats from other areas and first time the boats were to be measured.  whole lotta people that had cleaned up in their local areas spent the first couple of days removing or adding material to their keels and rudders



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J24 folk lore I heard: The beam was determined by the size of the garage door of the building B1 was being built in...

Is that true?


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