Motor Scooter Anarchy?


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The use you describe makes an electric scooter perfect.

One of my old staff bought one about a decade ago - looked like a Vespa, ran on a motorcycle battery (had a spare onboard), operated under bicycle regs and cost $800 at the time.

Can't remember the range for sure but I think it was about 50 miles, then the second battery went in and he went home.

Perfect for short stuff like the Post Office, pizza pickup etc.

I like the idea of carrying a backup battery on board, can you recall the make?



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I had one of those for a couple of years

Suzuki Burgman 125cc


Than I boughi this one

Citycom 300 cc




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I'm in Italy right now. Drove from Lake Maggiore to Lake Como and back yesterday. 

Never saw so many scooters in my life. They're everywhere. Very cool. 


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Retiring very soon, and would like a Vespa scooter, or something similar to go to the store of Post Office.  It appears there are dozens and dozens of different choices, and Vespa's are pricey, compared to many.  I would love to get a motorcycle again but haven't ridden in 40 years, and with so many distracted drivers texting and other stuff, I think it's possibly not a good idea.  :(  Good friend of ours who is 4 years younger than my 66, started riding a few years back, as her SO is an afficianado, owning restored Nortons, a newer Ducati and BMW.  So naturally she wanted to ride with him and his friends.  In the last 5 or so years, she has twice been hit by aging guys who probably should not be stilll driving.  Broke her Femur the first time, and shoulder the 2nd time.  I think that a 50cc Scooter and a bicycle helmet, should be a safer way to get back into 2 wheel motoring.  Opinions from the SA Peanut Gallery, please?   :D
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