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That's a great article by Jocelyn Blériot. Too bad it's tainted by the whiff of a UN bureaucracy that's lost its way.

Hey ED if you're looking for a cause with universal appeal, donate your dollars to something like Doctors without Borders or Medical Teams International where almost all of your bucks will go toward the delivery of services to people in need. Unless of course, you're interested in having half your money go toward brick, mortar, and the lining of people's pockets that work in various ivory UN towers.

When you were vetting nonprofits to determine which cause would receive your money...did you do something as basic as Google the words Fraud, Corruption and Scandal in connection with the organizations you were investigating?

Crikey, this ignorant do-gooder crap really gets to me.

Okay, rant over...back to your regular programming.

PS: Whoops, I forgot my disclaimer...I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I've been involved in the nonprofit world for many years.

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We just mutually thought unicef would be a good thing, but I agree with you about Doctors Without Borders - they do great work. Thanks for that and we'll do that for next week.