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my Cup runneth under



SA is THE bubble when it come to the AC, also 600k posts over how long? At least 350k are from Stingray and Doug Lord socks



Super Anarchist
Shanghai, China
It would be interesting to see what the actual number of worthwhile AC forum posts would be if you removed the endless number of "I'm right you're wrong, your team sucks, ______ is a ____, foiling sucks, landmines rule, blah.. blah.. blah" back and forth opinionated PA like BS from almost every AC thread.  And for # of views - everyone likes watching fights and train wrecks.  Definitely more minutes of entertainment reading the BS on SA than actual on the water AC racing.
I actually have more interesting things to do with my life than check out each and every post or try to guess what the 'voyeurs' motivation might be and your comment is rather like one more conspiracy theory. And how would you be able to claim/prove that the other forums don't have a similar ratio of endless number of "I'm right you're wrong" type views.

And your statement doesn't change the number of posts one iota - those are hard, electronically registered, non-biased, unemotional numbers.