My trip to the dark side


Super Anarchist
Thats a little different than my trip to the dark side. I declined an offer to take out a couple of friends on their mac 26 that they had never used to view the fireworks last night on the Seattle waterfront. Wife, Kid and I were previously invited on a 43' trawler to view the Fireworks . Nothing so adventurous there, done it before lots of drinks and snacks, nice people, no worries with a great plotter and radar etc.

Fred just installed a new steering system and exhaust. Can you hear the shark music coming up under the narrative? We finally get everybody on board and leave the dock. Within seconds there is something wrong. Normally Fred just drives away from his end Tie and we never notice as thing, but this time we are sliding into other boats and backing into the pilings. Lots of yelling we ascertain that he has hooked up the hydraulic lines to the tiller in reverse.

As i am the only tiller driver on board I was selected to drive the wheeled boat eight miles through ferry and sail boat traffic to the fireworks and then after dark drive home again by turning right for left and left for right. I have never been much good driving with a wheel but the inclination to turn right by turning clockwise is very hard to undo. We also had one engine overheat because a valve was close during the new exhaust process and never reopened. Fred figured that out pretty quick. it was impossible to not revert to normal steering whenever someone talked to me. fortunately we could just drift while the show was on.

Docking went smoothly after two hours of swapping my brain around. Fred had throttle and shifter and I just pointed the bow where he pointed his finger. God bless end Ties.


echo @home

I got cought red handed by another anachist riding a wave runner. Although we did spend the better part of the day ripping it up on our Sunfish. My son took out lots of first timers...

and not a single Mac 26 spotting!