Need A New Boom...Anyone near the Gorge?


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Hey Guys,

Well my Fat Skip broke my boat again this weekend, Now I need a new Boom, any suggestions? I have some friends sailing lasers in the gorge this week and if you know of any down in that area it would be perfect. New or Used I really don't care. If you know of a shop close to the area that can help me out that would be awesome aswell. BTW, The Boom would be for a Bieker 3, I14 with a Knav ( Ram Vang).




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Boy that sounds like a tall order. I14's don't tend to be very standard so having the luck that someone close to you has a similar boom would be amazing. If you have time, you might be able to apply copious amounts of carbon uni. and epoxy to hold it together long enough for a new boom to be properly made.

If you don't have anything with you, maybe check with some of the board shops in Hood River. They might be able to help you out with repairs. The other option would be to see what is in Portland.