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Kinda depends. I like ones that use 18650 cells (same as your typical laptop which has 4 or 6 of them). You'll need a charger but the cell lasts a long time and puts out a lot of power for a long time. Mine came in a package with a 120V charger.

I bought one of these in the Maldives several years ago. Still works. Cheap now but I paid lots more (maybe due to high import taxes or high costs there)

Bright enough without being crazy bright. Small and compact.  Looks like a lot of knock offs this particular light available now. 



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There's so much good stuff out there now... I have a bunch of them.  I just recently bought this one for $45, now it's $60 which seems steep, but it's fantastically bright for a tiny thing that fits in your pocket.

I also have DeWalt 20V tools on board, so I also got their spot light & flood light (for working in dark spots) which are great.



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I have a Surefire flashlight.  I forget which model but it is a no-shit 1000 lumens.  You can almost sear Ahi with it.

Downsides?  it uses batteries (CR123s) that may not be available anywhere, not rechargeable, doesn't float, and not cheap.  Pretty sure I'll shed a tear when (not if) I drop it in the water.  But when I want illumination, it's an amazing amount in a small pocket-size package.

They make a hella-stout headlamp, too.  Also not cheap.

Few years ago, I bought Sea Life Dragon 900 as a backup to my video lights when night diving.  As the name suggests – 900 lumens.  

Now Sea Life makes a bigger brother, the Dragon 1300 and, you guessed it – 1300 lumens.  

Both use the rechargeable 18650 and are very compact.  The 900 is only 1.2” in dia and 5.5" long, yet super bright. 

Take a look at Leisure Pro for other LED 18650 dive lights.



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I used to use bicycle lights. Small, light, USB rechargeable, LED, water resistant and incredibly bright given their diminutive size.

Ms. Claus left a four-pack of small, about 6" long, hand held, waterproof, USB rechargeable, LED lights with multiple brightness settings, built in lanyard and a head you can rotate to focus the beam. Need to look at our past amazon orders to remember the brand and price, but in $25 to $35 USD range (each). Easy to fit in pocket or lash to PFD.


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For a real cruiser a (very) good torch is an essential tool.  Without that you are an irresponsible invalid.

I wanted to order the Marine Beam for my last cruise, but the delivery time was unconfirmed, and then Covid hit and virtually stopped all deliveries. Not particulary cheap, but still seems one of the best torches around.

Article about it, with nice comparison of 3 top torches:



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I'm a big fan of Black Diamond for headlamps. Make sure to get a waterproof one.  I think Storm 400 is their waterproof version.  They use AAA, but you can use NIMH rechargeables.

For handheld, Big Blue makes some great, high quality really bright lights.  They are obviously waterproof, but if you use them outside of the water you need to be careful about overheating.  Since you're holding it in your hand, its not really an issue (you'll feel it get warm)

Barring that, you could probably find a good waterproof one that uses 18650 batteries at REI.  Personally I'd just order a few cheapos on Amazon, if there's one thing China does well its LEDs.

For a spotlight... not really sure.  I've had a couple west marine ones over the years that did a decent job. A dive light spotlight might also work well since the waterproofing on those tends to be bulletproof.



Barring that, you could probably find a good waterproof one that uses 18650 batteries at REI.  Personally I'd just order a few cheapos on Amazon, if there's one thing China does well its LEDs.
What they don't do well is those 18650s and chargers. I agree that torch can be cheapo one, but I'd suggest to get the batteries and charger from reputable source.



Converted everything to Black diamond headlamps (AAA Batts) they are multi function with red light. Milwaukee headlamp also bright as but no red light function(AAA Batts also) 18V power tools and torches/lamps. The 18V battery makes the worklamp heavy still but handheld,waterproof,rubberised and has magnetic bits so stays put wherever you lay it down or stick it if needed. Plus one charger for everything Milwaukee, Fans, pumps ect. Makita now doing similar stuff… For me the investment has been worth it as prior to that i lost alot of Ledlenser stuff and was forever juggling batteries and chargers.

Ledlensar are tough and good but expensive and easily lost.

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I've used cheap J5 V1-Pro tactical lights with great success. Rugged. Uses 1 AA battery which lasts a long time. Claimed 300 lumens but seems brighter. I've used it in strobe mode to mark a finish line and people see it from 2 miles away. When I show them the light later they are shocked that it is so small.

Amazon is out of them??? They were $12. But they seem to be generally available for between $10 - $20 .

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