need make and model of the U20 keel hoist winch

Chris in Santa Cruz CA

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my Hotfoot 20 has a death defying winch which has no friction clutch meaning you can disengage the ratchet, let go of the handle, and the keel will drop like a stone doing god knows what to the trunk/bottom of boat

would like to use the same one as the U20



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This is the one on my Antrim 27.  It may be the same as the U20.  You are in Santa Cruz like me.  Run down Jeff Canepa and ask him.  He is not hard to find




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No harm in upgrading to something safer but just don't let go of the handle and you'll be fine with your current one. Recommend wedging the keel with some carved pool noodles when it's up if you don't already have something. 

I see a U20 but no hotfoots in the ditch run yet! 


Chris in Santa Cruz CA

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Slower upfit than planned. Hatches need resetting, rig needs to be blessed/new wires, and rudder pins need modification as they have no positive capture features. The ditch is not going to happen. Also training and prepping for week of cycle touring with the FAM down the Oregon coast. 

Funny thing about the keel and wedging it. The rig on the freeway was much more stable with the keel free floating. As soon as I finally got it wedged with door stops and unitized it with the hull the trailer started swimming pretty seriously at times. I am going to try carpet next time to keep it from harming itself while allowing it to float.

This is what's on my Hotfoot20, works great!



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