New design heralds end of "Pointies", this now in from 'Desporte Internacional'


...[sic]from lake scow to Sail design of the Year, Scooter MacScowBow is slated to finish in the hardware all regattas this year, including: Feastnet 2023, Mini transcept, the Bendy Globe, the Pacific Transit Pack et al....

" long as one can hang a Hydro Vein on the back, it's a real contendah..., "Danny MacTire GGR director

"...scows are best seen at the bottom of the Niagara Falls..." ,Captain Kevin, Lady of the Misty.

"How now thats a real scow!", muttered Buddy Melgurs, "Ok I'm off to milk my own brown cow.."

"Blunt force and failure in this years Fastnet and the Furious is not an option", said someone on Race Committee

" this someones idea of a farce built on speculation, seeded by consipiratorial infiltration and stolen desgin from the far east?" -Annie Slocum great great great great great grand daughter of an ancient mariner.

Other news:
Due to the MacScowBow, its variants and subsequent success, all other pointy bows (IOR, box rule, 12 meter, Catalinas[thank the gods for that] have been scheduled for cut up and plastic recycling...

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 15.16.19.jpg


For their cost, sail area, complication, beam and (I think) displacement the scow Minis are slow, cramped, complicated and uncomfortable, so why would anyone assume they were better than boats with points?

A Mini Proto is rated by the French national handicap as slower than a Seascape 24, which is 20% of the price, less complicated to sail, can be legally trailed, and probably has more space. The J/88 costs half as much as a Mini Proto scow, goes faster, would have more space and probably be much more comfortable and easier to sail as well as more seaworthy.

So apart from reaching races under class rules, exactly what is the advantage of the Mini which is basically like a complicated conventional 30+ footer with the front cut off to make it much slower?

The other strange this is that just a year or two ago, we were being told that anyone who didn't have a wave piercing bow (which is basically in the other extreme) was behind the times, despite the fact that they can be a PITA in many ways.

sAiLiNg AnArChY

A nice vintage article by Clifford Hawkins comparing the New Zealand Lumber Sea Scows to American equivalents.

Up to 130 feet long - built when trees were trees to build deliver trees...






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he pinched one, the "MOA" when he escaped POW camp in 1917 and sailed to the kermadecs and was nabbed there, returned to auckland and banged up in mt eden for the duration
Ah so, I wondered about. I remembered that he escaped, that was a boldly planned and well sailed venture.

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