New flooring----what to install


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I did the 'well sealed' route and only got 5 years for a ~$300 sheet of 4' x 8' x 1/2" teak and holly plywood bought from a major supplier in NE. As I said I soaked the edges in MAS multiple time and coated it top and bottom in a heated shop under near ideal conditions.

It's delaminated and rotted at the bottom of the companionway ladder and near the galley. I suspect an inferior sheet made worse by the heavy traffic. I just cut out a section and replaced it temporarily and reinforced from underneath another section. Upon destruction and inspection the bond holding the wood layers together has failed which looks like it caused water ingress and led to it's demise.

This is why I want a non-wood underlayment. This is the second sole I have done in 12 years.The second time I did it to standards I rarely achieve because I had the misguided hope this would be the last time. WRONG! It may be that 1/2" is not strong enough and the weight is flexing it. But I can't easily go thicker because it slides under other bits of the boat. If I do another teak and holly sole I will add fore and aft reinforcement planks. That's one way I may go. I can get the teak and holly sheet locally and save a ton on shipping but I am not convinced the current 'marine' grade t&h really is.

It looks like I would need about $350 worth of G10 and then some fake teak covering which would be $200 or so more. That's doabable. I can only find G10 in 4' x 4' sheets but that may be an advantage, easier to work with.

If anyone has a synthetic underlayment that would work and be cheaper I am all for it.



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We have the OEM 1970 Cal Jensen floor which is just nonskid and fiberglass. But they built them at an angle that matches the hull contour. That means lots of curves and angles, so wood not an option unless I want to do a whole level sub floor (I do not). Currently have shitty Indoor/outdoor carpet.

Do I replace with carpet or ??? If yes to Carpet, any recommendations?



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My Several 33 had molded floor painted non skid. I use Lonseal with top seal semi gloss finish teak and holy and it looks great and is better then non skid. used their epoxy to install. We tested all there finishes and found the gloss to be the best for slip resistance but the gloss would get scuff marks. flat finish was the slipperiest when wet.



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Look at the plywood replacement products used in the trucking industry. Usually some sort of plastic cored sheet some rotomoulded I think.. Should be reasonable impermeable and rot proof. Not surer about strength however.