new non skid claims salopette knee patches

So, skipper Dan put some awesome nonskid down on American Girl's deck this winter, but my foulies are somewhat the worse for wear as a result.

The outer layer of material on the knee area my Atlantis salopette did its job - the gear is still waterproof, but the next time it will tear through for sure, unless I put some kind of patch on it.

I'm planning to use 4200 or 5200, whichever I have handier, to glue something to the knees. I'm not sure what to use as material yet - any suggestions?

Ya, know, I was just thinking about all the reasons I hate kneepads (and elbow pads, which I should wear, cause I got killer bursitis on both of them) - too bulky, too hot, don't stay in position, chafe like a mofo, yadda yadda. But it beats destroying foulies on a distance race. Hmmm.

Insignia material - thank you.


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Sticky back Kevlar.

Ask your local sailmaker for a sheet
+1 Just use the same material that's used for wear patches on your sails. Check around the edges of the patch already on your pants to see if there are any "tucks" to make the patch articulate, you will need to make those in the replacement patch if you plan to cover the old patch 100%



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