new old 505

Take a page out of Smart Art's book of secrets and you sheet from the wire. It was unusual when he did it in 1973, but is standard practice for all the 9ers and skiff like teams.

Steve is as usual right on. Carl and Carol Buchan did very well for many years doing this. She would place her hand on the sheet to feel what Carl was doing and stay in the boat.


Alex W

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The mast step on my boat had multiple positions with screws to select one. The deck position was controlled with a ram that you adjusted like a turnbuckle. There were quick adjusting (but not while sailing) turnbuckles for the shrouds.

It mostly seemed like a 70s setup.

WP_20170420_17_15_42_Pro.jpg My 74 Rondar has a magic box like ram that pushes on the mast.



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As someone who never had the skill or knowledge to sail one, I think the 505 is the most awesome boat on the planet.  Meanwhile, I'll keep dawdling along in my Laser.



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Things are coming along. Now I need a twin spirit/spinno. I found a boat with the main sheet block I will get. Main set back is rot/Delam in CB trunk wall. The fix will add some weight but I will keep it as light as my gorilla engineering will allow. 



Seattle, WA
Are you looking for a double spiro fitting or the Waterrat twin pole fitting. The latter is better and cheaper.  PVG may have one or can get one plus  the pole ends. I want to say it was around $600 for both. (Don't hold me to that I bought the carbon poles at the same time and the bill was about $900.