Newbie with a new to me S2 11A


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Oakley, CA
I'm getting conflicting feedback, I wanted to know the size of the fuel tank. The boat is in a marina in Berkeley, CA and I need to bring her to my slip In Oakley, CA up on the Delta. I'm figuring about 50 miles. I would think that it shouldn't take a lot of fuel. It has a Volvo Penta 35 hp but I don't know what the engine draws.

I saw a marketing piece that said the water from both sinks and the shower drain into a sump and then an automatic pump discharges overboard, where is the sump.

I have only been on board once and didn't have a lot of time to search, where is the 30gl holding tank, and where would they put an 80gl water tank all on a 36 ft boat?

They may be dumb questions, just trying to learn more about the boat without any documentation.





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- Around 1 gallon / hour if you're not at full throttle, i.e. say 2500 RPM on a 3000 RPM engine. If you're not 100% certain of the boat/engine/fuel tank, bring a spare fuel filter. Watch a youtube video on changing diesel engine fuel filters and bleeding the engine. 

- look in the bilge for the sump. It will be a little box

- look under the settees and V-berth. Tanks will be big boxes.



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Oakley, CA
Back to civility. I was looking for an Owners Operating and Service Manual for a Volvo Penta MD 17c. I tried Volvo and if it's there I probably went right over it. Not getting desperate yet, I have to be out of the marina by 2/8.

I would appreciate an assist. Thanks 



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Berkeley to Oakley is probably 6 hours on a 35 ft boat. If you can sail it is a lot more pleasant. Leave around slack tide and you will have a nice flood all the way. You can get Diesel at Benicia and Antioch. Tow insurance might be helpful too... 



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Tow insurance for sure, and not the $50/time one. Boat US Gold at minimum. 

Ride the flood absolutely. powering at 6 knots againts a 3 knot ebb ain't fun.

Change the oil, make sure the cell phone is charged, have a nice ride home.  

If it's been sitting a long time, gunk in the tank is the only real concern.  You can always bail out at Richmond, Vallejo, Benecia, etc.



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In addition to all of the above, once you changed oil and filters and impeller, nothing wrong with going out for an hour or two and running around in big circles at cruising speeds as a dry run before heading up the delta…if nothing overheats, if you get no alarms for oil pressure if battery stays fully charged, etc, then your likely to be fine heading up the delta.  If you top off the fuel before and after, you should be able to get a reasonable idea of fuel burn as well.

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