Nexus NX2 network connector


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Perhaps someone could help me out with a supplier and part number for the standard NX2 4 wire network connector. The answer must be obvious but never having worked with Nexus gear I’m stuck. Garmin isn’t very helpfull.




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This would be a good interchange part to know.  It's got to be a fairly standard industrial part.  I have been looking as well with no luck thus far.

I wonder if a Phoenix Connector would fit.  That's the closest part that comes to mind, I guess a trip to the electronics store is in order.

That for sure is what TackTick & the B&G H5000 uses.  Having previously owned Nexus gear, I don't think the Phoenix connectors shown will work.



Digikey search here.  They will sell you one or a million and ship same day.  Looks like you get your choice of color and manufacturer:

You will have to measure the pitch of the pins to get the right one.  Five pins per inch is most common (5mm or 5.08mm) but by no means the only.