NMEA 2000 From panel to companionway instruments

I’m installing new instruments above companionway, but need to run a NMEA cable from our backbone behind the AC/DC panel.  The route is in red below.  

There is an existing AC (outlets) and DC (ceiling lights) wire running here, so there must be a conduit running through the cabin top wall.  I’m not sure on its size and there is no good way to drop the ceiling in the head (right side of pic) for access.  

Should I cut the DC wire and use it to run tracers, and hope I can pull the NMEA through?  I’m leaning towards hiring this part out, but interested if anyone has a thought.



Alex W

Super Anarchist
Seattle, WA
I would assume that there is a conduit, see if you are able to make the current cable move easily before you start cutting anything. 

My previous boat (a Pearson) had a VHF cable routed along a bulkhead like that and it must have been installed before they put the deck on. It was the only cable that I couldn’t easily access or replace.